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Real Applications of Lean in Shipping and Receiving
John Kim

Lean principles in the Shipping and Receiving arena require approaches for which involve both material and information flow.  With the many different types of companies, comes a varying degree of impact and influence stemming from ‘the’ department where nearly all materials enter and exit a facility. In this session we will review the basic principles and techniques that have been used to improve Productivity, Inventory accuracy, Vendor Payment, Throughput time and ‘month end.’


Using several case studies (large and small companies), we will review the lean techniques (VSM, VSMi®, Visual management, multiple takt times, multiple staffing levels, standard work, ‘penalty box’ .. etc) and lean tools and how they were used to identify the ‘right wastes’ that truly impacted ‘shipping and receiving’ performance.

Upon completion of this session, participants will learn…

  • Understanding how Lean in Shipping and Receiving impacts your business

  • Shipping and Receiving: Metrics and Performance improvement

  • Shipping and Receiving: Lean Techniques and applications

  • Improving Performance: Productivity, Inventory, Lead Time

  • Value Stream Mapping of Information flow (VSMi®)

  • “End of the Month:” How to handle, How to staff, and how to cope

Presenter Biography

John Kim is a recognized global leader in the development and deployment of Enterprise Wise Lean Transformations.  As an established executive at companies such as The Hon Company and Danaher Corporation, John learned the Lean principles first as a General Manager, then as Vice President of Operations.  John has spent the last 12+ years in executive consulting, specifically implementing Lean in sectors including Healthcare, Insurance, Medical Devices, Oil & Gas, Traditional Manufacturing, Administration, and Service/Distribution. 

With over 20 years of experience, John has become an internationally  recognized speaker on Lean and the Lean Enterprise with speaking engagements around the world in Denmark, Mexico, France,  Russia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia and numerous locations throughout the US.  A brief list of companies in which John has personally consulted includes: GE Healthcare, GE Money, US Army, Schlumberger, Microsoft, Thedacare, Hill-Rom Industries and Genzyme amongst others.